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Bernette 70 + Creator V9 Business Package

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The combination of the Bernette B70 embroidery machine and the Creator v9 software is a dynamic duo tailored to meet the needs of start-up embroiderers.

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Bernette B70 Deco Embroidery Machine: Elevate Your Creations

Crafted for discerning creators, the Bernette B70 Deco is a precision embroidery machine tailored exclusively for embellishing clothing, accessories, and home decor with intricate designs. With over 200 preloaded motifs and USB upload capability, unleash limitless creativity. Seamlessly integrate designs with its user-friendly interface. Efficiency meets precision with its advanced features including speed control and thread cutters. With meticulous attention to detail, it offers robust construction, three hoops, and upper/lower thread sensors. Elevate your projects with the Bernette B70 Deco.


  • Embroidery Area: 260 x 160 mm
  • Designs: 208 preloaded, USB upload capability
  • Maximum Speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Thread Cutter: Manual and automatic
  • Interface: Large color touchscreen
  • Editing: Flip, rotate, combine pattern elements
  • Hook System: Drop-in
  • Hoops: Three sizes included
  • Compatibility: Multiple design formats
  • Warranty: 2-year mechanical, 1-year electrical

Bernina Creator v9 Software: Unleash Your Embroidery Vision

Bernina Creator v9 software is a versatile tool for transforming your embroidery ideas into reality. From designing custom motifs to refining existing designs, it offers powerful editing capabilities and auto-digitization features. Organize and manage your design library effortlessly. Preview designs with stitch simulations for precise execution. With support for various file formats and integration with Bernina machines, streamline your workflow seamlessly. Access tutorials and resources for enhanced creativity. Unlock your embroidery potential with Bernina Creator v9 software.

Key Features:

  • Design Creation: Draw and digitize custom motifs
  • Editing: Customize stitch settings, resize designs, add text
  • Auto-Digitization: Convert images into embroidery designs
  • Design Management: Organize and categorize designs
  • Monogramming: Create personalized lettering
  • Stitch Simulation: Preview designs with realistic simulations
  • File Formats: Support for multiple formats
  • Integration: Connect with Bernina machines for direct transfer
  • Support: Access tutorials and resources for guidance

Explore a world of possibilities with Bernette B70 Deco and Bernina Creator v9 software. Whether you’re a seasoned embroidery enthusiast or a novice, these tools empower you to unleash your creativity and bring your embroidery visions to life with precision and flair. Elevate your projects and embark on a journey of inspiration and innovation today.

All training on machines and software is included in the sale of the machines.


Watch more here: BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Expert Video (youtube.com)

Bernette b70 DECO embroidery only machine made by Bernina (youtube.com)


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