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Treat yourself to some amazing sewing accessories below

 High grade, heat forged, special steel with pressure groove for maximum toughness and durability
 Extended service life – 3 times the lifespan of an ordinary product
 High frequency heat treatment process for cutting edge – high hardness and great sharpness
 4 times sharper that ordinary products


PIN Curved Embroidery Scissors 5.5 inch

 High quality steel
 Curved point


PIN Strong shear scissors are  suitable for cutting leather, denim and thick fabric as well as meat and bones.


3 Liter Capacity

Silver Star Gravity Bottle Steam Iron

Iron, Hose & Bottle

Stand not included


French Curve Ruler Features:

  • Laser-cut technology for smooth and accurate cutting.
  • An invaluable aid for drafting, designing and grading patterns, and adding seam allowances to block patterns.
  • Easy to use
  • Alter your patterns for personal fit, trace patterns and design your own patterns.
  • Comprehensive instructions included.
  • Made from tough & durable acrylic.
  • Available in metric measurements.


Lovely sewing Box with multiple storage compartments.

Lovely Gift idea

Can fit Scissors, Rotary cutters, Cottons and many more items.